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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela


Shark Guardian educational shark presentations and workshops

Every year thousands of people, especially school and college students, learn more about sharks through educational presentations and events given by the Shark Guardian team.


Shark presentations are especially exciting for students in schools that Shark Guardian visit or Skype with, throughout the year. Shark research workshops and presentations are also provided for general scuba diving communities. 

Shark Guardian Diver Program

The Shark Guardian Diver program is for anyone who is interested to learn more about sharks and get immediately active in shark research for conservation. Complete the Shark Guardian Diver program while scuba diving, snorkeling or even paddle boarding. Participants receive a certificate of completion once they have fully completed the program. Only Shark Guardian Dive Centers can conduct the Shark Guardian Diver Program.

Shark Books for children

Shark Guardian has co-published its own book about sharks called 'Sharks Our Ocean Guardians'. It's the first shark book in an exciting trilogy with the next 2 books already in development. The shark book is fun, educational and provides a wonderful and positive perspective on sharks. Books are donated for FREE to schools worldwide! Books are also sold to raise funds to assist with the production of more books in the future.

Learn About Sharks

It is always fun to learn more about different sharks from around the world. From the largest, to the smallest, to the fastest and oldest, sharks are simply amazing. Here you can scroll through a variety of shark posts that include exciting pictures and videos of sharks from oceans around the world.

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