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Shark conservation and making a difference starts with a better understanding and increased knowledge of sharks and the vital role they play for all life on earth. Shark Guardian delivers this essential information not only for the next generation, but with everyone who is interested to learn about sharks. We believe everyone can, and will make a difference with a greater knowledge and understanding of sharks - one of earths most important species. 

The Shark Guardian presentation is an exciting and educational multimedia slideshow. Not only does the presentation educate the audience about sharks, but also about their role in the food chain of the ocean, their importance, and why they are needed for our survival. The presentation provides information and facts regarding the modern day plight of shark populations throughout the world and is aimed towards shark conservation and action through education and awareness.

Presentations are given in person by the Shark Guardian team. In some instances where personal visits are not possible, online video conference sessions are also offered.   

School Testimonials

Great facts - which appealed to the children. Good sense of humor. They were riveted. It as pitched just right for my age group. 9-10 year olds.

St. Andrews International School - Bangkok, Thailand
 October 2017
Public Events & Conferences
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