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Shark conservation and making a difference starts with a better understanding and increased knowledge of sharks and the vital role they play for all life on earth. Shark Guardian delivers this essential information not only for the next generation, but with everyone who is interested to learn about sharks. We believe everyone can, and will make a difference with a greater knowledge and understanding of sharks - one of earths most important species. 

The Shark Guardian presentation is an exciting and educational multimedia slideshow. Not only does the presentation educate the audience about sharks, but also about their role in the food chain of the ocean, their importance, and why they are needed for our survival. The presentation provides information and facts regarding the modern day plight of shark populations throughout the world and is aimed towards shark conservation and action through education and awareness.

Presentations are given in person by the Shark Guardian team. In some instances where personal visits are not possible, online video conference sessions are also offered.   

School Presentations Worldwide

Dive Community Presentations

Public Events & Presentations

The Shark Guardian presentation links with school academic studies/modules since it includes marine biology, ecology, marine ecosystems, food chains, the role of species in the ocean and of course, sharks as apex predators of the ocean ensuring biodiversity and balance. Schools can share their specific curriculum requirements or topic focus so the Shark Guardian presentations can be made even more relevant to current studies and learning requirements.


The Shark Guardian presentation is extremely interesting and highly entertaining for the audience. Students, teachers and parents become aware of shark conservation, current environmental issues and so much more. Marine ecosystems and sharks are currently highly ranked in global issues and global conservation. Shark Guardian presenting at your school/college/university will bring these global issues to your students’ attention and encourage them to lead the way for future generations in the conservation of marine ecosystems. This global focus is why some schools invite Shark Guardian to present during whole school assemblies or after school sessions to ensure as many people as possible are educated about this important subject.



Shark Guardian has caught global attention featuring in various publications, websites and magazines around the world. Invite Shark Guardian to your school and show your commitment to shark and marine conservation as well as general environmental issues!

Relevant to school curriculums 

Focus on sharks and global issues

Additional school exposure and marketing



United Kingdom
Shark Guardian have visited over 20 schools in the UK, inspiring thousands of students to get involved with shark conservation
In 2015 Liz and Brendon from Shark Guardian travelled to Australia to give several talks to schools in Perth
Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of the largest shark fin importing countries of the world. Over 2 years Shark Guardian visited over 20 schools giving talks and presentations to school students
Several thousand students in schools throughout Dubai have attended Shark Guardian presentations personally given by Directors Brendon & Liz
South Korea
In 2016 Brendon from Shark Guardian traveled to South Korea. He visited 3 schools over 5 days to give presentations, workshops and book readings to shark enthusiastic students
Indonesia is the largest shark fishing nation in the world. For this reason it is vital that education and awareness is raised. Shark Guardian visits several schools in Indonesia every year
Every year Shark Guardian travels in Thailand giving presentations to thousands of students in multiple locations and provinces throughout the kingdom
Borneo, Malaysia
International schools in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia received an awesome visit from Liz and Brendon from Shark Guardian
Shark Guardian has visited Brunei twice to visit schools and give presentations about sharks
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School Testimonials From Around The World

Great facts - which appealed to the children. Good sense of humor. They were riveted. It as pitched just right for my age group. 9-10 year olds.

St. Andrews International School - Bangkok, Thailand
 October 2017




Shark Guardian attends conferences worldwide to present to visitors and attendees. Most of the conferences are diving and tourism based especially ADEX (Asia Dive Expo) and TDEX (Thailand Dive Expo). In 2013 Shark Guardian attended the CITES convention in Bangkok, Thailand. This conference is dedicated to the trade of endangered species and Shark Guardian will continue to get involved with and give presentations at such events when possible. 

Conferences & Seminars 

Fundraisers & Community Events

Scuba Diving Communities & Volunteer Groups

A number of fun fundraising events are held each year for Shark Guardian by schools and scuba diving communities. When possible Shark Guardian will attend and participate in these events giving presentations and organizing activities. Recent events include 'swim for sharks' by dive communities and schools, sand castle competitions, quiz nights and artwork competitions.

Presentations to scuba diving communities are essential for the success of Shark Guardian research projects and dive expeditions. Every year thousands of divers, dive professionals and the general public attend Shark Guardian presentations worldwide. People of all ages learn more about sharks, conservation, how to conduct Shark Guardian educational programs, how to participate in research projects as well as get involved with Shark Guardian worldwide expeditions.  Shark Guardian networks with volunteer groups such as GVI (Global Vision International) and Projects Abroad for the benefit of conservation and research projects, educating the volunteers in these groups via personal presentations also.

BBC Radio UK
Shark Guardian Directors Liz and Brendon as guest speakers on BBC Radio in the UK
CITES Convention Bangkok
CITES (Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species) was held in Bangkok in 2013 where Shark Guardian attended
Rotary Clubs
Shark Guardian Directors Brendon and Liz have given talks to several Rotary Clubs in various countries
TDEX Dive Show
TDEX (Thailand Dive Expo is one of several international dive shows where Shark Guardian attends and will give presentations
Dive Community - Philippines
Shark Guardian volunteers host an event on Malapascua Island in the Philippines - famous for Thresher Shark diving tours
Swim 4 Sharks
Shark Guardian takes part in many education and fundraising activities around the world including Swim 4 Sharks for the public and school students
Projects Abroad
Collaboration with volunteer groups and organizations is vital for Shark Guardian and regular presentations take place in these bases
UK Dive Community
Shark Guardian presentations for local dive communities worldwide is always very exciting and fun
East Timor
Shark Guardian presentations in remote dive communities worldwide is always fun and inspires action
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