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Dive into Conservation: L'Oréal's Bold Initiative to Save Sharks and Coral Reefs

The L'Oréal Fund for Nature Regeneration has made a decade-long commitment to invest in groundbreaking efforts to calculate the value of coral reef biodiversity, marking a pioneering initiative to save coral reefs. This innovative methodology aims to create a precedent for assessing the worth of coral reefs, stimulating a market for nature rehabilitation. The ultimate goal is to attract crucial funding to protect and rejuvenate these vital ecosystems.

L'oreal logo Fund for Nature Regeneration
L'Oreal Fund for Nature Regeneration

Coral reefs are vital for sharks as these ecosystems serve as crucial nurseries and feeding grounds for various fish species, a significant part of sharks' diets. The complex structure of coral reefs provides shelter and protection for sharks, contributing to their overall health and population stability. Preserving coral reefs is essential for maintaining the delicate balance of marine ecosystems and ensuring the well-being and survival of shark populations.

Being the most biodiverse ecosystems globally, coral reefs harbour a quarter of all marine life in our oceans. However, the escalating impacts of climate change are triggering widespread biodiversity loss, upsetting the delicate equilibrium of entire reef systems, and contributing to species decline, thus compromising ocean health.

A leopard shark (Zebra shark) swimming in a coral reef
Zebra (leopard) shark swimming around a coral reef. Photo by Karl Marchant.

The imperative for increased investment to restore the diminishing biodiversity and safeguard what remains is evident. Nature repair markets are emerging as effective mechanisms to finance the rapid acceleration and scaling of conservation efforts necessary to confront global challenges. If appropriately designed and grounded in rigorous scientific principles, these markets provide private and corporate investors with the opportunity to contribute to nature-positive goals, generating independently verified environmental, socio-economic, and cultural benefits thus helping to save coral reefs, sharks and other important ocean species.

A harp coral with snappers in the background.
Harp coral, on a coral reef. Photo by Deb Holden

In addition to unlocking substantial new funding for biodiversity protection, the Partnership will actively support crucial interventions for reefs. This includes the targeted deployment of two million heat-tolerant corals on the Great Barrier Reef by 2030. This strategic initiative, fostering tourism and preserving ecological and cultural values, is projected to yield direct and indirect economic benefits surpassing $100 million.

Furthermore, as part of its commitment to environmental sustainability, L'Oréal is progressively phasing out the use of shark squalene in all its products, demonstrating a responsible approach to sourcing ingredients and contributing to the conservation of marine ecosystems.

L'Oreal's logo
L'Oreal For the Future



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