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Maldives are NOT lifting shark fishing ban!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Shark Guardian can confirm that the Maldives are NOT lifting the shark fishing ban.

Shark Guardian organised a meeting with the Maldivian Minister of Fisheries Zaha Waheed and the Senior Fisheries Officer, Munshidha Ibrahim, after hearing reports that the Maldives was planning to discuss ‘lifting the ban’ on shark fishing - a ban that has been in place since March 2010. The aim of this meeting was to verify claims and to investigate under what circumstances the ban may be lifted. Shark Guardian’s stance on any current shark crisis is to try and attain as much of the most reliable information available before making comments. We will always fight for sharks and their conservation, and we stand for the current shark fishing ban to remain in place. However, we received reports that the claims were unfounded and questioned the validity of the highly popularised and shortened quote in which Minister Waheed was reported to have said there was “no reason not to” lift the ban on shark fishing. This could have been said and used in several contexts, and as such we felt it necessary to delve into exactly what was said and what was truly up for discussion. As we see it, the current debate on sharks and the Maldives can be separated in three sections:

1: The Maldives NOT lifting the shark fishing ban

2: The recently reported illegal shark fishing activity 3: A genuine threat to sharks that may exist, should the Maldives open a long-line tuna fishery

UPDATE 20 APRIL 2021: Official Government statement from the Maldives

Click image below to download full statement: