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Shark Guardian are proud to announce a new collaboration with In Sharks We Trust!

In Sharks We Trust is the world's first for-purpose sustainable fashion brand 100% dedicated to

shark & ocean conservation, reinventing activism through lifestyle education & creativity.

Whale shark swim suits beach

The creator, Miao Wang, hailing from Shanghai, China, drew inspiration from the renowned British fashion figure Vivienne Westwood. Wang aimed to design swimwear that not only motivates individuals to take action but also makes a bold statement in a region where shark fin soup is traditionally consumed.

The swimsuits showcase distinctive prints of actual whale sharks and are crafted from recycled fishnets and waste from both pre and post-consumer sources. ISWT has established collaborations with four international NGO partners in the Maldives, Madagascar, Tanzania, and the Philippines. Profits generated are reinvested into initiatives for conservation education, fostering talent, and enhancing the capabilities of coastal shark communities globally.

Whale shark swim suits

Through this collaboration, Shark Guardian wishes to highlight the NGO’s working in these locations and create a wider educational impact, in association with Shark Guardian dive and snorkel expeditions.

In Sharks We Trust sets out to do two things:


1. Bring shark and ocean conservation to mainstream/popular culture through grass-root initiatives and innovative brand partnerships

2. Take a philosophical undertaking to inspire the market especially youth with the “Purpose” narrative

The first swimwear ‘capsule’ was officially released during the Malapascua Thresher Shark Guardian Expedition in May 2024. Prints feature the pattern of Pontoon, a whale shark discovered by WWF Philippines, and is the longest spotted female whale shark from Donsol Philippines since 2007.


Tracking ID: P-094

Sex: Female

Estimated length: 7m

Last spotted: March 19, 2019

Total encounters: 82

Donation of sales to Shark Guardian and WWF Philippines

Every sale donates 50% to WWF Phillippines and 50% to Shark Guardian. Shark guardian is excited to release future capsules in line with our Maldives and African adventures - keep an eye on our social media for more details and make sure you sign up to our news letter to get first access to this fabulous range.



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