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Shark Guardian Round up of 2023

In 2023, Shark Guardian's efforts encompassed a range of initiatives spanning shark conservation campaigns, educational presentations, research projects, and exhilarating shark diving expeditions. The year marked numerous successes attributed to the unwavering support of passionate individuals devoted to shark and marine conservation.

February 2023 witnessed Liz's long-awaited journey to Malapascua Island in the Philippines, where she delved into diving with Thresher sharks. Her stay included a compelling Shark Guardian Presentation that emphasized the significance of sharks while advocating for increased citizen science and shark research contributions from local dive centers. In 2024 we have two scheduled expedition trips to the Philippines, focusing on Thresher shark diving, each offering unparalleled experiences. Go to the Shark Guardian Expedition page for more information.

Liz in Malapascua

Meanwhile, Brendon hosted an enriching three-day session in Krabi, Thailand, engaging over 20 students from ISB Bangkok. The sessions encompassed insightful presentations on sharks, citizen science, and snorkeling expeditions to witness the mesmerizing Black tip reef sharks in the famed Phi Phi Islands.

March 2023 witnessed Shark Guardian orchestrating trips to the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand, inviting divers and snorkelers to delve deeper into understanding sharks while observing them in their natural habitat, enriching their knowledge and appreciation.

April 2023 marked the impactful "Shark Guardian Love Sharks Week" in the Maldives, in collaboration with ScubaSpa. Brendon's engaging presentations throughout the week aboard the ScubaSpa Live-aboard offered a remarkable opportunity for diving enthusiasts to gain insights into various shark species, including Great hammerheads, Tiger sharks, Grey reef sharks, Black tips, White tips, Nurse sharks, and even Whale Sharks!

Brendon in the Maldives ScubaSpa
Brendon presenting in the Maldives

Looking ahead, the Love Sharks Week in the Maldives is scheduled for April 13-20, 2024, and September 28 - October 5, 2024.

The monumental achievement in June 2023 came with the UK's decisive action against the shark fin trade. Shark Guardian spearheaded an extensive campaign, resulting in the passage of the Shark Fins Bill through both Houses of Westminster. Led by Baroness Jones of Whitchurch in the House of Lords, the Bill's approval enforces Fins Naturally Attached, prohibiting the import and export of detached shark fins, bolstering enforcement and curtailing trade activities.

Alex with MPs
Alex from Shark Guardian (Right) with UK MPs

Moreover in June and July 2023, in partnership with GIVE, Shark Guardian hosted globetrotters for insightful presentations and trips to Thailand's Phi Phi islands, contributing to citizen science endeavors while engaging with local school communities in Krabi.

GIVE volunteers and local school
GIVE Volunteers and local school in Krabi

In August 2023, Brendon embarked on a trip to Bangkok, dedicating two days to participate in a service school conference. His presence was to witness the dynamic ISB Shark Guardian student ambassadors in action, conducting impactful presentations for fellow students. Additionally, Brendon conducted an instructive workshop centered on shark-related projects and advocating measures against the trade of shark-related products.

Service Conference Bangkok

Come September 2023, Swim for Sharks returned to Koh Tao, Thailand, hosting three days of engaging activities. The event featured a compelling Shark Guardian presentation for the community, an immensely successful Swim for Sharks event with a remarkable turnout of over 80 participants, culminating in a Kids Swim for Sharks event on the final day. Detailed coverage of the entire event is available here: Event Write-up Link

Swim for Sharks
Swim for Sharks Koh Tao 2023

In November 2023 Shark Guardian welcomed a fresh cohort of 24 students from ISB Bangkok for an immersive experience spanning multiple days in Krabi. The program involved diving expeditions around the Phi Phi Islands, aimed at enhancing their knowledge of sharks, citizen science, and equipping them with valuable resources to deliver a shark presentation at a local school in Ao Nang.

ISB Students
ISB Students from Bangkok

In December 2023, Shark Guardian orchestrated multiple excursions from Koh Lanta to the Phi Phi Islands, designed specifically for families seeking to delve deeper into shark education during snorkeling sessions.

Phi Phi shark trips
Phi Phi Shark trip from Koh Lanta


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