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Shark Guardian round up of 2018

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

It has been another busy and productive year for Shark Guardian. As always we want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support in 2018 and are excited to be moving in to 2019 with new projects, new dive centers, new expeditions and more.

Here is a round up of the last quarter of 2018 plus a few highlighted events from the year.

October 2018

October was a busy month for reasons other than sharks as the Shark Guardian Directors, Liz and Brendon, prepared for the latest addition to the Shark Family. But before that, there were local events in Krabi , Thailand, as Director Brendon Sing presented to the Ao Nang community at Pookys Bar. Plus Shark Guardian attended the yearly Aquamaster Pro Dive Show in Phuket, networking to many divers, dive shop owners and professionals and getting more people on board with education, conservation and research projects.

Harriet Moore - Shark Guardian volunteer on Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Harriett Moore from the UK spent time volunteering for Shark Guardian in October. Harriett helped with important data inputting for eoceans as well as helping with blogging and visiting Thailand dive shops in Khao Lak, Krabi and Koh Phi Phi to update them on projects. Harriett visited Koh Phi Phi and did a presentation to dive shops through Shark Guardian Dive Center Blue View Divers. Shortly after this it was announced that the famous Maya Bay, made popular by the movie ‘The Beach’ was not going to reopen to the public after a 6 month closure. The result of this has been a return of black tip sharks to the waters (see video below) proving that short term solutions like this can really help shark populations recover.

Video from Bangkok Post

November 2018

Bangkok Schools held their annual ServICE conference during November. Shark Guardian student Ambassadors from ISB (International School Bangkok) educated their fellow students with some various Shark Guardian mini presentations. Student Ambassadors are important to share and pass on messages that are learnt in through training with Shark Guardian staff.

December 2018

The year ended for Shark Guardian with an awesome shark release event at the Merlin Mariott Resort, Patong, Phuket, Thailand. Sea Bees Diving, one of Shark Guardians’ biggest supporters, collaborated with the IUCN and PMBC to release 36 sharks that were bred at the Phuket aquarium. Shark Guardian presented to guests, divers, professionals and government officials and then children were invited to name and release a shark off the beach. This was a fantastic way for all ages to get close to some wonderful sharks, dispelling myths about sharks being scary and dangerous. Snorkelers were (and are still) amazed at the sharks they can see on the local reef. The marine reef center is now monitoring the shark populations ahead of future shark releases.

In December Shark Guardian also enjoyed some school events in Phuket and Krabi, Thailand, joining NGO and green groups at Christmas fairs. And Brendon had fun once more visiting Projects Abroad Thailand to educate their volunteers about sharks, research and conservation. His presentation inspired the volunteers to create their own presentations which they are now delivering to local school children – another way Shark Guardian are able to share their important education about sharks and our oceans.

GVI Thailand volunteers give shark presentation to local school

Other highlights of 2018!

Shark Guardian continue to expand its group of Shark Guardian Professional Ambassadors who partner with us to protect what we all love - our oceans and our sharks. Shark Guardian hope they can inspire and educate people around the world through their different skills, expertise and outlets therefore helping us to achieve our goals and mission.

Sea Gypsy Divers is just one of our Shark Guardian Dive Centers that has embraced the Shark Guardian Diver program. This is a fabulous way that our linked dive centers can spread our shark and marine education whilst contributing to research through Citizen Science.

Published Scientific Paper

In May 2018 eOceans head scientist, Dr. Christine Ward-Paige together with Brendon Sing from Shark Guardian, released a paper regarding sharks in Thailand titled: Using eOceans diver data to describe contemporary patterns of marine animal populations: A case study of sharks in Thailand

What lies ahead for 2019?

With Chinese new year only a few weeks away (February 5th) don’t forget you can educate others with our awesome Classic T-shirt with Chinese translation!

The new Shark Guardian book, 2nd in the Jed the Hammerhead trilogy, is now ready for print. Stay tuned for this exciting release!

Shark Guardian Director Brendon Sing will be in Borneo for Scuba Junkies Shark Week at the end of March. And a Bangkok School Tour will run at the end of April, which also happens to be earth week.

For the second year running, Shark Guardian will be at the Malaysian Dive Show, MIDE , in May. If you would like to help volunteer at this event then please email

Shark Guardian continues to inspire children and adults through presentations and workshops. Please contact if you would like to organize an event for your/a school.


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