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Student competition winner Dubai 2020

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

During the Dubai school tour in January 2020, Shark Guardian ran a competition for students to create a shark education project. We are proud to announce that Justin, from Swiss International Scientific School is the competition winner for 2020!

When Justin returned home from school he was so excited after the competition was announced,  telling his mom that he wanted to enter. He said that he knew he probably wouldn't win but he was determined to do his best. He spent the whole of his midterm break researching all about sharks and planning on how he was going to put all of his information together. His mom proudly sat by and watched him get so engrossed in a project that he genuinely seemed to love. Drawing is another passion of Justin's and he was super excited to incorporate this into his project. He used an old milk bottle to cut out the sharks teeth, he used sand for the rough feel of the shark's skin and he did find some facts (that only a nine year old boy would find funny) and made sure that he could use them.  

On the final day of submission he quickly pose for a picture with his project. Look how proud he is with his work!.



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