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Shark Guardian Student Ambassador Members Area


The Shark Guardian Student Ambassador membership provides school students with an amazing opportunity to be directly involved in shark conservation through Shark Guardian educational programs, conservation campaigns and expedition trips. Shark Guardian Student Ambassador members are role models and will inspire others to become the next generation of Shark Guardians. The Shark Guardian Student Ambassador Membership is suitable for students between the ages of 10 to 18 years old.

Shark Guardian Student Ambassadors can:

  • Present a unique Shark Guardian presentation to fellow school students, friends and family

  • Start or join an existing Shark Guardian Student Ambassador Club at school in collaboration with a school teacher and a Shark Guardian representative

  • Be actively involved with Shark Guardian conservation campaigns and petitions

  • Organize Shark Guardian events and activities in school or with the local community

  • Organize a Shark Guardian fundraiser event or activity

  • Be invited to participate in Shark Guardian snorkel and dive trips to see sharks. These trips can be attended either individually or as part of a school trip

Shark Guardian Student Ambassador membership includes access to the SHARK CAVE (exclusive members only) to access resources including:

  • Shark Guardian Student Ambassador Presentation, notes and tutorial videos

  • Shark Guardian Guide: How to support Shark Guardian

  • Shark Guardian Guide: Project and Event Planning

  • Shark Guardian shark posters

  • Shark Guardian facts and colouring sheets

  • 10% Discount voucher for purchasing Shark Guardian merchandise online

Shark Guardian Student Ambassador members will also receive:

  • Shark Guardian news letter subscription

  • ‘Call to Action’ alerts for Shark Guardian conservation campaigns

Student Ambassadors in Bangkok October 2
Shark Guardian - Sharks are not the enem

Shark Guardian Student

Ambassador Membership


£28.00 per year


Once membership is confirmed you will receive an email notification containing information to access the SHARK CAVE of ambassador resources

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