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April Eco-Artist: Alex Loew, The Fin Arts

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Each month Shark Guardian selects an artist that goes above and beyond for the sake of the ocean and all its inhabitants. We believe that artists, like photographers, play a vital and often underestimated role in ocean conservation. They inspire, educate and cultivate passions that may never have been sparked. Each month during 2021 we are shining a light on some of the great artists we’ve had the privilege of working with - come join us!

Our eco-artist for April is the wonderful Alex Loew from The Fin Arts!

Tell us about yourself, what is your background?

I grew up in land-locked Bavaria, Germany but always had a fascination for the ocean and the creatures within. My Dad triggered my interest in drawing and art and also the respect for nature. As a dive instructor himself, I followed in his footsteps. After I finished college with a major in Art & Design in 2005, I moved to Thailand to the Island of Phuket, to work as a dive instructor. There I met my mentor and now Fin Arts partner Holger, the owner of Sea Bees Diving. I worked with Sea Bees Diving for 6 years before I decided to do my bachelor’s degree in multi-media journalism, in Bangkok.

With the impression of a declining marine environment during my time as a dive instructor and the visible decimation of shark populations, in Thailand and worldwide, I decided during my studies to put major emphasis on that topic. After I finished University I had the chance to do a one-year internship as a junior researcher for a legal recruitment firm in China. Working in Shanghai and Hong Kong, together with Bangkok, these are the epicenters of wildlife trade in Asia, I had ever more confrontations with the topic of shark finning and declining shark populations.

In 2017 I moved back to Phuket and started working in the yachting industry as a commercial diver. Knowing my background, my mentor and friend Holger came up with the idea of a joint venture, a social enterprise combining art and marine/shark conservation. This was inspired by projects, doing the same for other species, such as the Elephant Parade. With Holger taking care of the financial and business side and me being responsible for building the artistic and visual side of the venture, the Fin Arts were born as a start-up in 2017.

Can you explain to us The Fin Arts as it’s not quite your average studio?

The Fin Arts is a combination of art and shark conservation our shark sculptures are supposed to shed light on this magnificent species and the threads sharks are facing. We want to create awareness through creative and positive means. Our inhouse artists are working all the time on new designs, which are displaying the shark as ‘Nature’s Art’.

Artists worldwide are supporting the project with their art on our sharks, with the aim to create awareness for the necessity to protect sharks, this ‘Art of Nature’. The Fin Arts is also supposed to be a platform for junior artists to get their art out there and at the same time supporting our mission to paint a better future for sharks. With part of the proceeds, we are supporting different shark and marine

conservation organizations.