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Shark Guardian Exhibit and Speak at Asian Dive Shows

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

In April and May 2018 Brendon and Liz from Shark Guardian, in partnership with Crystal Divers South Africa, attended 3 international dive exhibitions in Asia as exhibitors and as special guest speakers. Every year these dive shows attract thousand of people from all over the world to discover new diving holiday destinations, buy dive gear and to support conservation organizations. The three dive shows attended were:

  • Asian Dive Expo (ADEX) - Singapore 06-08 April

  • Malaysia Dive Expo (MIDE) - Kula Lumpur 04-06 May

  • Thailand Dive Expo (TDEX) - Bangkok 11-13 May

Kids Zone - Education and Activity

At both ADEX and MIDE Shark Guardian ran the Kids Zone Area with lots of fun activities for kids and adults alike. Kids were very excited getting temporary shark tattoos and had a lot of fun coloring in wonderful designs from our partner Shark Topia. One of the best Shark Guardian attractions was a challenge to test your shark knowledge by naming as many sharks as you could by looking at shark pictures. A Megalodon Shark banner was a great attraction too!

Coloring sheets provided by:

Guest Speakers and Presentations

These international dive shows provide a valuable opportunity to reach out to the public and share information, raise awareness and offer invitations for divers to join expeditions and trips with Shark Guardian.

Shark Guardian were able to give presentations on a variety of topics including:

1. An introduction to Shark Guardian and what we do

2. How to participate in citizen science through eOceans

3. A photo and video presentatio from the Shark Guardian sardine run expeditions in 2016 & 2017.

Guardians of our Sharks

This was the title of our presentation to introduce Shark Guardian to the public. This was a great opportunity to educate and raise awareness for shark conservation though the 4 operational arms of Shark Guardian: Conservation,

Education, Research and Expeditions.

Citizen Science through eOceans

Most divers are interested in being able to contribute in some way to research and science and eOceans provides that opportunity for anyone to enter data for conservation purposes. A Presentation by Brendon during the dive show was a great way to inform the public of this platform and recent results. For more information see our eOceans Research Page

South Africa Sardine Run Expeditions

Crystal Divers South Africa were our official partners during the 3 international dive shows and so it was with great pleasure that we got to give a number of presentations about diving in South Africa. Of course the most exciting topic to present was about the South Africa Sardine Run! Using images provided by Shark Guardian Ambassador Steve Woods, we were able to showcase the amazing experience of being in the middle of the Sardine Run in South Africa. For more information about the Sardine Run see our expedition page.


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