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Rare Footage of Great White Sharks and Dolphins Encounter

Rare Footage of Great White Sharks and Dolphins Encounter Was Accidentally Filmed by Drone

This amazing experience was captured by drone at Torrey Pines, a residential community area in San Diego, California by Alex Higley, who came to test his newly acquired gadget. He published his video on 5th May 2021 and it quickly got 53,000 views on YouTube in its first week.

He was flying his drone over the nearly empty beach and above the ocean for a test flight when he saw the sharks swimming along the shore.

"So I followed those two sharks for a while and brought the drone in to change the batteries a couple of times, and then on a third time when I flew out and located the sharks again, as I went to an even higher altitude I saw there was a third shark in the area”, he told CBS 8.

It appears that all three sharks he filmed were great white sharks and are now regularly seen off the Pacific coast. Alex, who used a drone for the third time in his life was absolutely stunned to spot two more animals approaching the sharks.

“All of a sudden I noticed there were passed right in front of one of the sharks, and I was kind of on edge, waiting to see what was going to happen” he said. “But it was interesting to see that the sharks didn't even react too much to the dolphins going by. They just passed the sharks within nearly meters before vanishing into the deep waters."

Use your footage and record your observations for research and conservation

The use of drones and the footage taken of these Great White Sharks can be used positively for research and conservation purposes through citizen science. Shark Guardian and eOceans are partners for global citizen science using the eOceans App platform. For more information watch the video below and visit eOceans to download the App.