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  • Harriet

Shark Guardian's Swim for Sharks goes International

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Some of you may not have heard of our annual Swim for Shark event, but once you do you’ll be itching to get to the next one or organize your own! So, what is it? Essentially this is a fundraising event for Shark Guardian with a sponsored swim but it is oh so much more than that. The video below shows just a snippet of the joy and fun experienced at this event.

There is something for absolutely everyone, from athletes to ankle splashers, and from kids all the way to defiant oldies. For the kids we’ve had mermaids, face painting, crafts, games and the main event, a mini-swim for sharks (we should have named it ‘paddle for pups’).

For the adults there is a 3.4km race, beer, a BBQ, presentations on all aspects of shark life, sponsored head shaves, raffles, and even annual Swim for Sharks tattoos! There are local sellers of all kinds of crafts, beach litter cleans and music all day and into the evening.

But, where did it all start?

One hot sweaty Thai night 12 years ago (2009), Dan and Lara from Big Blue Diving Koh Tao decided over a beer that they’d like to do more for sharks so started plotting and planning, organizing what turned out to be the event of the year. Shark Guardian has had the privilege of being part of the Swim For Sharks event since 2014.

Year on year, it got bigger and better. People started training months in advance for the race around Koh Nang Yuang islands, a distance of 3.4km.