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So, how was school?

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

'It was awesome! We measured a whale shark, and talked about shark teeth and did you know sharks are older than dinosaurs! Older than trees!'

This is what you could hear your little ones saying when they get home from school after one of our presentations. Last week we visited three schools in Krabi, Thailand, Baan Ao Nammao School,

Baan Lampho, and Krabi Demonstration School.

During our time there we squeezed in conversations about various shark species including the ones you can spot around Thailand, how the ocean is important and what it does for us. With food chains we played with the idea of removing a species and seeing what happens, and we even got the kids up and moving around measuring out the size of sharks so they could better imagine just how big or small they can be!

Just before we left, we made sure to donate several copies of our children's books 'Sharks: Our Ocean Guardians' and 'Jed's Big Adventure' in both Thai and English. Our Thai books were graciously funded by GVI and both books explore life in the ocean as a shark, the other animals they may meet and the threats they face. Grab your own copies here!

Providing education to children around the world in a fun, light hearted and informative way was Shark Guardians original goal, the reason behind Shark Guardians creation, and our directors Liz and Brendon's passion. They have presented to almost 1,000 children in the last two months and are planning a few more thousand before the year is out! If you'd like your school to be included, please drop us a comment below or email We might see you sooner than you think!

Check out some creative shark posters made by students after our school adventures here:

And here is Justin, the competition winner from our Dubai school tour with his winning entry:


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