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By purchasing Shark Guardian merchandise you directly support Shark Guardian conservation campaigns, educational programs and research projects worldwide

Board Shorts Tiger Shark
  • Board Shorts Tiger Shark

    Shark Guardian board shorts featuring the Shark Guardian logo, Tiger Shark shading and shark fin design at the end of the shorts. These high quality shorts also feature one thigh pocket and is tightened with string straps on the front. 


    Printing is done directly into the fabric to ensure no fading or loss of design quality.


    Ocean Friendly Materials! Shark Guardian rash guards is made from ethically sourced OceanBalance recycled technologies.

    All the fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources, such as sustainably grown fiber crops or recycled materials.


    ORGANIC - Our natural fibers are made from organic materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, hemp & FSC Certified wood pulp.


    SUSTAINABLY SOURCED - Made from materials that are sustainably sourced with partners who share our values.


    SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE - Fair market prices, charity give-back, made in Europe, safe working conditions and a community value people-first team environment.


    BIO-DEGRADABLE - Natural fibers made from organic, pesticide free materials that will decay over time and safely return to Mother Earth.



    All rash guards are individually produced per order. The production time takes up to 14 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE shipping. 

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