Introducing the Shark Guardian 'MAN EATER?' ladies vest. The vest come in 2 colors of black and purple. On the front is the Shark Guardian Logo. On the back is the Shark Guardian name and at the bottom of the shirt are the words 'MAN EATER?'

WHY MAN EATER? Well, 2 reasons really:

1. The lucky lady wearing the vest is inviting an interesting conversation. Is she the man eater?
2. The conversataion can turn into an interesting topic of sharks and conservation. Obviosly sharks DO NOT eat people! But they do make mistakes sometimes. This gives the vest wearer an opportunity to educate others about sharks and why they are awesome.


Vest Sizes and measurements (cm):


                  CHEST     LENGTH

Size XS      32             53

Size S        34             57

Size M       38             58

Size L        41             63

Size XL      46             66





Ladies 'Man Eater' Vest


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