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By purchasing Shark Guardian merchandise you directly support Shark Guardian conservation campaigns, educational programs and research projects worldwide

Coral Wings - Mens Rash Guard
  • Coral Wings - Mens Rash Guard

    Coral wings 2024 collection aims to pay your attention to the global ocean temperature raising, that causing coral bleaching, and dying. Rephrasing her Ocean Majesty Sylvia Earle - "no blue, no green, no coral, no life". We all depend on the world ocean, and the world ocean depends on its rain forest, the corals. Together with 4 Ocean enthusiasts, teams from Germany, Oman, Thailand and UAE, where each bringing own message, and all of us united under ONE message. 


    The Shark Guardian Team is very excited to collaborate with Fish People to launch this new 'Coral Wings collection' range of rash guards highlighting the importance of corals. Coral reefs are vital for marine life survival and play an important role in biodiversity and habitat protection. The 'Coral Wings collection' raises awareness for coral reef preservation and the effects of climate change.


    Ocean Friendly Materials! Shark Guardian rash guards is made from ethically sourced OceanBalance recycled technologies.

    All the fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources, such as sustainably grown fiber crops or recycled materials.


    ORGANIC - Our natural fibers are made from organic materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, hemp & FSC Certified wood pulp.


    SUSTAINABLY SOURCED - Made from materials that are sustainably sourced with partners who share our values.


    SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE - Fair market prices, charity give-back, made in Europe, safe working conditions and a community value people-first team environment.


    BIO-DEGRADABLE - Natural fibers made from organic, pesticide free materials that will decay over time and safely return to Mother Earth.


    • UPF 50+

    • 4-way stretch

    • Quick drying

    • High mechanical resistance

    • Made from ocean waste



    All rash guards are individually produced per order. The production time takes up to 14 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE shipping.

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