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By purchasing Shark Guardian merchandise you directly support Shark Guardian conservation campaigns, educational programs and research projects worldwide

FREE 'For the love of sharks' coloring booklet

FREE 'For the love of sharks' coloring booklet


'For the love of sharks' coloring booklet is a collection of 13 shark educational coloring sheets. The booklet is beautifully illustrated by our partner Sharktopia and has amazing features including:


  • Facts about various shark species including the Sand Tiger and Zebra Shark
  • Activity page:  Megalodon and Great White Shark bookmarks
  • Protecting all sharks
  • Sharks are not the enemy!
  • Shark products
  • Spreading the word and educating others
  • Keeping our oceans clean and healthy
  • Activity page: Help save sharks and ocean animals from ghost nets
  • Save all sharks
  • I'm not a monster special Tiger shark design
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