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Making Waves Worldwide: Breanna's Shark Guardian Initiative

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

It's truly inspiring to learn about Breanna Ward's efforts in organizing a Shark Guardian session for Year 5 and Year 6 students at Miramar Central Primary School in Wellington, New Zealand. Breanna orchestrated the Shark Guardian session entirely on her own initiative!

Such educational sessions play a crucial role in raising awareness about marine conservation and the importance of sharks in our oceans.

A Shark Guardian Presentation
Breanna Ward with Year 5 and 6 at Miramar Central Primary School Wellington

During the session, Breanna covered a variety of topics to provide the students with a well-rounded understanding of sharks. Some key points she touched upon were biodiversity and ecosystem balance - threats to sharks - conservation efforts - shark species diversity - the importance of ocean health.

Encouraging Environmental Stewardship

Beyond imparting knowledge, the session aimed to inspire the students to become environmental stewards. Encouraging responsible behavior, such as reducing plastic use and advocating for sustainable fishing practices, can empower young minds to contribute to marine conservation.

Raising awareness about plastic usage can help prevent litter, as evidenced in the photo below. This is particularly crucial as plastic waste often finds its way into the sea, causing tragic environmental harm.

Waste on our beaches will eventually go into the ocean
Plastic Waste on our Beaches

In addition to the informative aspects of the Shark Guardian session, Breanna Ward added an interactive and engaging element by incorporating shark yoga into the learning experience. This creative approach not only promotes physical activity but also reinforces the connection between humans and the marine world in a fun and memorable way.

graphics of kids doing yoga
Breanna conducted a 'Shark Yoga" class for the children

During the shark yoga segment, students had the opportunity to participate in yoga poses and movements inspired by sharks. This not only adds a playful element to the session but also serves as a unique method to deepen the students' understanding of shark anatomy and behaviour. Incorporating movement and mindfulness into the educational experience can enhance retention and make the information more accessible to young learners.

Our organization boasts a global network of educators capable of conducting personalized sessions in schools. Additionally, we provide online presentations, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for educational engagement on a worldwide scale. This dual approach allows us to reach diverse audiences, fostering awareness about shark conservation, marine ecosystems, and environmental stewardship.

To book your Shark Guardian presentation, please email us


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