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Dive Center Feature: Sea Bees

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Sea Bees is located on Phuket Island in Thailand and has been a Shark Guardian Dive Center since 2014. Sea Bees and the dive center team are hugely supportive of Shark Guardian and have even dedicated an area of their dive shop to promote Shark Guardian, our projects and conservation projects.

Dive Shop

Sea Bees Diving is located in the South of Thailand. They have strategically chosen the best destinations for scuba divers to be as close as possible to the best dive sites. The main offices are located in Chalong Phuket, Khao Lak, Nai Yang Beach (northern Phuket) and Pak Meng in Trang province.

Additionally they operate several branch offices and shops in hotels and resorts to serve guests right where they are spending their holidays.

Shark Guardian Dive Center

Sea Bees has dedicated an entire section of their dive center to Shark Guardian. The Shark Guardian section consists of educational posters, materials and even an awesome model of a shark coming out of the wall! Here Sea Bees guests can learn more about sharks, conservation and support through Shark Guardian merchandise sales. Sea Bees stocks a good variety of Shark Guardian merchandise items for sale.

For more information visit the Sea Bees Website

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