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Dive Center Feature: Liquid Dive Adventures

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Liquid Dive Adventures is located in the area of Tofu in Mozambique and has been a Shark Guardian Dive Center for several years.

Liquid Dive Adventures is owned by a Finnish family consisting of Satu, Jari and their two boys Aaron & Henrik. Satu and Jari are both PADI Instructors, and actively working and teaching courses at the dive center.

As a family, they are very concerned about our oceans. That is why they turned Liquid Dive Adventures into a Shark Guardian Dive Center and support a variety of conservation projects. Jari says "by making small changes we can help to ensure the enjoyment of underwater environments for future generations. We also want to provide our customers the information and tools to do so too, because we strongly believe that everyone is empowered to make a difference!"

Dive Shop & Facilities

Shark Guardian Dive Center

People are the heart of Liquid Dive Adventures. They are professional and committed; treating each other and their customers with honesty, compassion and respect. They create a fun and inspiring place to work and dive, a place where they listen to others for understanding. Liquid aims to provide unforgettable diving experiences and lifelong memories for their customers.

"We feel it is our duty at Liquid Dive Adventures to promote environmental awareness and responsible behavior in our customers, to embrace sustainable green business practices, and to actively pursue community conservation efforts."

For more information visit the Liquid Dive Adventures Website



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